The Top Upcoming Players In The Football World Right Now

Football has given rise to some of the greatest athletes the sporting world has ever known. With their incredible technique, practised skill, and natural talent, these are players that have become legends among football fans for their unique ability to turn a game at a moment’s notice.

They elevate the game from a simple competition among teams to the stuff of historic proportions, while giving lovers of football something to reminisce over and discuss for decades after.

These are the top five greatest football players the world has ever known.

1. Zico

While Zico isn’t as well known as many of the other greats due to his lack of achievements, his skill on the field is almost without equal. Having scored 527 goals across 769 games during his career, Zico was a true force to be reckoned with, with an ability to land head one-of-a-kind shots that most other players can only dram of.

Playing against Liverpool in the 1980s, Zico is remembered for making the otherwise skilled team like something like amateurs, particularly during the 1981 Intercontinental Cup.

2. Michel Platini

Platini specialised as an attacking midfielder, and claimed 353 goals during his time on the field. Not only was he known for running the ball like he was born to do so, but his technique when it came to free kicking and passing made him almost unstoppable against his competitors.

Almost entirely without assistance, he was able to take France to the European Championships in 1984 thanks to the incredible 9 goals that he landed on his own.

3. Pele

There aren’t many football fans that haven’t heard the name of Pele, a native Brazilian that many consider the best player that ever lived.

With 1281 goals behind his name in almost as many games played, he was a true force of nature while playing football, scoring a wide variety of different goals as the years ticked by. Some of his best achievements harken to the years 1958, 1962, and 1970, along with the two Copa Libertadores that he earned.

4. Johann Cruyff

Cruyff represents what a “whole” footballer could be: a player that has such a well-rounded set of skills that he was almost an entire team on his own.

He was graceful but technical, and had a calculated approach to the game that often caught the competition totally off-guard; the kind of person that would do well at online pokies NZ. Of the 710 appearances that he made, he snatched 401 goals in total from his midfielder position and won 10 league titles and 3 European Cups along the way.

5. Diego Maradona

For many, Maradona was truly without equal, having been called the greatest football player of all time. He was virtually unstoppable once out on the field, and every move he made was as close to perfect as one could ask for.

Although his career was not quite as successful as Pele’s, he had a much more difficult time gaining his fame and managed to win the 1986 World Cup as well as 3 league titles.

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