The Top Soccer-Based Video Games

Not everyone has the time to go down to the local field and play their favourite sport with their friends. Between work and raising a family, it can be difficult to find enough time, which means that a lot of people out there are unable to participate in something that they really enjoy.

But hope is not lost, and thanks to modern video gaming, it’s possible to be a part of the action without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. These are not only the some of the best soccer games of all time, but also some of the very best video games. Keep reading to find out which soccer video games will appeal to almost all fans of the sport.

Rocket League

Rocket League hit the gaming world like a storm, and quickly became a favourite for million across the world. The premise of the game is fairly simple, using the usual rules of soccer, but adding a flair that few other games are able to match. The player takes on the form of a vehicle on a huge pitch, where they will have to compete against other players from across the world for the ultimate prize.

There are also ranking systems in place, meaning that players can move up the ranks over time, earning more rewards and special badges along the way. Rocket League is also well-known for running on low-end hardware, meaning a player doesn’t have to sink all their money into having the very latest gaming rig to enjoy the game.

Football Manager

For those soccer fans that love the idea of being able to manage their own team, Football Manager might just be the perfect game. Running since 2012, the Football Manager series is among the world’s most popular games and gives players an idea of what it would be like to run their own team of professional soccer players, without all of the added pressure.

Players can choose who players in what place, what events that they take part in, and are even able to transfer players from different teams. Most fans agree that the 12th iteration of Football Manager is the best of the series, and is not to be missed for anyone with a keen interest in all that goes on behind the scenes in their favourite sport, or who wants action as hot as what you’ll find at mobile casino sites in Philippines.


No list such as this would be complete without naming FIFA, the incredibly popular video game that has become a fan favourite over the years.

Players get to enjoy all the best that the world of professional soccer has to enjoy, all combined with state-of-the-art graphics to provide a setting that’s as close to the real thing as possible. While modern iterations of FIFA can stand on their own, there are many fans that believe FIFA 10 is the best of the bunch, and everyone should give it a try.

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