How Soccer Has Made Its Way Into The Metaverse

The Metaverse is the latest brainchild of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and it aims to be the next big leap in the way that the average person makes use of the internet.

The implications of the Metaverse in terms of work, shopping, and socialising mean that the virtual world could be changed forever for many people around the world, and even sports are starting to become part of the focus for the future.

One start-up, called MetaSoccer, is a soccer game that’s developed mostly on blockchain, and is currently looking for financial investors to make it the first of its kind to enter the Metaverse.

Based in Barcelona, MetaSoccer has stated that they are currently targeting both existing soccer fans as well as pay-to-earn players that will create a new generation of soccer clubs and players, all based within the virtual world.

The Hopes For MetaSoccer

The company has also said that they hope to have virtual video developed and rolled out at some point in 2022 and are aiming to be an entirely new sector of the Metaverse with a focus on blockchain technology, sports betting, as well as the game itself. Users will own their own assets on the platform, and all transactions will be completed by making use of the MetaSoccer Universe token. Players will be able to create their own teams while generating individual income as they do so.

The game will be designed to resemble real-life clubs as closely as possible, and by using their assets, such as selling players or renting their created clubs, they will be able to generate and maintain a persistent revenue stream. MetaSoccer has reported that they already sold 72 million MetaSoccer Units as part of a private sale, and that another 18 million have been sold in the public sale. The public sale of its tokens will begin on the 7th of December through a DAO Maker Platform. On top of this, another NFT drop sale will be taking place on Christmas day, which will be available through the marketplace hosted by MetaSoccer.

What Sets MetaSoccer Apart

MetaSoccer is being regarded as being the very first of its kind within the new Metaverse thanks to its combination of blockchain technologies, focus on soccer, and sports betting options, and it’s likely going to be followed by such sites as

There will be a wide selection of functionalities that will be available, such as having the capability to search for potential new players to add to a team, as well as the option to hire clubs for certain seasons of the year. The idea is to give the user the chance to work as a virtual soccer manager, allowing them to buy, sell, and train their players, as well as to earn extra NFT rewards through the usage of the players.

MetaSoccer will provide the baseline for further sporting technologies to follow but has already made promising strides in the short time that it has been available to the public after the announcement of the Metaverse earlier in the year.

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