Facts About Well-Known Football Players

The world of football is endlessly fascinating. From its ancient origins to being the world’s most enjoyed sport, there’s a lot to love about football and everything that it has to offer. One of the most appealing aspects of the sport is the colourful fast of famous players that lead at the forefront of all of the best games that the industry has to offer.

These are athletes that have defied convention at every turn and have always managed to wow fans with their incredible talent and their ability to turn a game around at a moment’s notice. Let’s dive into the world of our favourite football players and learn some interesting facts about them and what they’ve achieved over the years.


Richarlison found his origins from a Brazilian favela and would eventually go on to play for Everton. But before that, he very easily could have spent his life delving in drugs and the seedy underworld. But this player was achieving so much even before he started his life in professional football.

To make ends meet, he would sell ice-cream with his mother, and while his friends mocked him for it, the last laugh was his as he eventually become a world-famous star. During an interview, the player mentioned that he once had a gun pointed at his head for stepping inside the territory of a drug lord.

Cristiano Ronaldo

There are few players quite as famous as Cristiano Ronaldo, a truly talented athlete that has become one of the most legendary in history. He was picked to play for Manchester United in 2003 after spending time with Sporting Lisbon.

The match that he was to play, which was the first in their brand-new stadium, gave the youngster the chance to show off his natural skill on the field. Both Roy Keane and John O’Shea were both blown away by the way that he played, and they apparently told Fergie during the half time that he had to sign Ronaldo in, ushering in fame and fortune that can only be matched by horse racing betting.

Mario Balotelli

This Italy and Manchester City striker was once on the cover of GQ magazine, where he appeared alongside Tinie Tempah.

He has also won the award for being the best dressed man on the planet. Despite something of a raucous social life and getting into trouble a number of times, the player also managed to achieve a number of positive things in his life.


This excellent Brazilian player was part of a couple of different clubs throughout his career, which included Real Betis, which is based in Spain; the same team that won the 2002 World Cup.

He is also known for being extremely good at poker, and often introduces new players to the game as often as he can. He has said that both poker and football are games of passion, and he’s fond of playing both as often as he’s allowed, and he’s proven more than once that he’s got the talent for them both.

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