Why The Future Of Football May Be Virtual

2020 proved a difficult year for a number of different industries, and one of the hardest hits was the sporting world. We saw entire tournaments put on indefinite suspension as organisers were ordered by the government to keep everything under lockdown.

Even to this day, a year since the pandemic was first announced and global lockdowns were put into effect, we’re still waiting to see if some of our favourite events will ever come back into play.

And while this hasn’t been a great time for players and fans alike, it hasn’t quite spelled the end for football as a whole as other means of enjoying the game have popped into existence.

One of these is virtual football, and although it’s aimed almost entirely at the sports betting market, it doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of joy to be found for those that have long been yearning for a chance to watch their favourite sport in real time.

What Is Virtual Football?

As the name implies, virtual football is a game of football that takes place entirely in the virtual realm, meaning that the entire thing is generated on a computer. It’s by means a new concept; virtual sports have been around for the last two decades, but it’s only been over the last year that they’ve really skyrocketed in global popularity.

Today’s virtual football games very much replicate the real thing: there are 3D-rendered fields, players, and gameplay based on the same physics that govern our world. In fact, it’s so realistic that – when it’s done prosperity – it can even be as unpredictable as a real-world match. The “realness” of these matches makes it a great alternative to going to a proper match, which is something a lot of fans around the world simply can’t do right now.

Why It Can Be Fun

One of the great benefits of virtual football is the fact that the entire thing can be watched and enjoyed from the comfort of our own homes. All it requires is a computer and an internet connection, and the rest is handled by whichever provider is hosting the match.

Another reason that it’s become so popular is the fact that is that the games are available at any time of the day, meaning a fan doesn’t have to wait for an event to take place before they can start enjoying some football.

Along with this, betting lovers will not need to spend the time to research the teams or players that they would like to put money down on, making an exciting spur-of-the-moment situation, much like we’d find in bingo Australia.

How Virtual Football Works

Virtual football works by using an online hub that’s directly linked to one or more bookmakers. When a game is set up, the bookmakers set certain odds and bets that sports bettors are able to choose from and wager on.

The game begins, allowing the bettors to watch it in real-time, and will often include visuals, although this can depend on the game in question. The wager pays out if the team bet on wins the match, which is based on a random computer generator.

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