The Fastest Soccer Players Ever

Soccer players are unique in the sporting world, combining a wide range of different skills and training regimes to make as close to the ultimate human athlete as possible. Not only do these players need to be highly skilled with the ball, but they also need to be just the right mixture of fast and tireless.

Although a game only lasts for around 90 minutes, the players will almost always be running, and when the opportunity presents itself, it may mean having to exert massive bursts of speed.

Not all soccer players are equal on the field when it comes to speed. While some may be better at defending the goals, there are some players that are naturally faster than others. It’s this speed, combined with control of the ball and an overall awareness of the situation that allows some players to exceed above the rest. With that in mind, these are the fastest soccer players of all time.

Adama Traore

Adama Traore represents a player at his physical peak. Playing for the Wolves, this winger is fast, muscular, and displays plenty of power on the field, and his driving runs have proven to be a true force of nature during his time in the Premier League.

He had something of a breakout season when he first entered the fray, and his time within the Premier League has cemented him as among the world’s very best at the moment. Traore can run at a recorded speed of around 36.25 km/h.

Erling Haaland

While not quite as fast as the previous entry, Haaland is by no means slow, and it didn’t take long for this player to earn the title of a true professional. While Haaland only has just over 40 games under his belt so far in his career, during the 2020 season he was able to score a total of 44 goals, something that few other players have been able to achieve. The many goals that he has earned so far can be put down both to his skill and his incredible speed.

The striker has been shown to achieve speeds of up to 36 km/h, making him one of the fastest players in the world right now, and enough to make many switch from real pokies to sports betting.

Alphonso Davies

Davis has been something of a true star in recent years, and while he’s from a country that doesn’t put as much emphasis on the sport, he’s quickly proven to be blazingly fast while on the field. Playing as left wing for Bayern, Davis has shown incredible talent, and many consider him the ultimate wing.

While he’s still young, Davies has a bright and promising career ahead of him, especially considering the fact that the soccer player can run at speeds of 36.51 km/h.

Achraf Hakimi

While he isn’t that well-known for his speed, this Moroccan player is among the best sprinters in soccer right now.

He doesn’t often show it, but when speed is needed, there are few others that can keep pace. With a top speed of 36.48 – just below Davies – Hakimi is something of a speed demon when he sets his mind on it.

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